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Jul 27, 2011

New Products in New Buckets!

New Products
Not only are we offering some of our food in buckets, but we're bringing you 3 all-new products! These will also be available for purchase in #10 and pantry cans. Oat Groats and Spelt will also be available in pouches.

Hard Red Wheat

THRIVE Hard Red Wheat should be an essential grain in your kitchen pantry. Its bold flavor and rich color will give a distinct look and taste to your homemade breads. Hard winter wheat is a whole grain that provides many essential nutrients to keep you healthy and active. You can make THRIVE Hard Red Wheat into a delicious hot cereal or you can grind it in a wheat grinder to create nutritious breads, rolls, and other baked goods.

Oat Groats

THRIVE Oat Groats are a smart addition to your long-term food storage because they provide many essential nutrients that help you maintain an active lifestyle. Oat groats are easy to prepare and they go perfectly in salads and stuffing. You can also try serving them as a side dish instead of white or brown rice.


THRIVE Spelt is a beneficial whole grain that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Beneficial nutrients found in spelt, such as manganese and dietary fiber, work to regulate your digestive system and strengthen your cardiovascular health. Spelt can be used in a variety of ways. It can be boiled and eaten as a side dish or ground into flour for delicious and unique homemade bread. You can also try tossing cooked spelt into salads and cold pasta for a flavorful crunch.