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Thrive CHICKEN Salad in 2 minutes!

Sep 6, 2016

Should I become a consultant for the DEALS?

This is such a common question. Unlike other direct sales companies that offer discounts on products after a consultant kit is purchased, Thrive LIFE does not offer any further discounts on the product after signing up.

This should be pleasing to you as a customer! This means you get the BEST price without having to do anything more than just shop for Thrive as you please. But if you want to start your own business, we certainly have that option for you!

Jump right to consultant benefits to see what I mean...

There is no need to join the business if you just want the BEST price on the food.

If you'd like other perks, that we give consultants automatically for working their business, then I think you should definitely consider THRIVE as your new home business!

Jul 1, 2015

Top 10 LIST of things to know as a new Consultant! (Training from upline to downline)

How do I log into my Consultant Office?
www.thrivelife.com/myoffice Or go to www.thrivelife.com and log in there and click the DROP down menu where it says "Welcome" and click MY OFFICE. This is also where you can set up and view and edit your personal Q. You require $50 of product before tax and shipping processing each month to qualify for commission. You can start your Q the month after you've ordered your kit and still get commission that first month automatically. Any portion over $50 will be awarded to YOU In commission at 5% starting on month 2. You are your enroller's Q customer.
Read more about commission: http://www.thrivelife.com/whatsnew

How do I find The Path individual online training?
Once logged into the consultant office, The Path has a link at the top. Take time each night to do The Path and self-train. You can skip any part and do things out of order too. It keeps track of what you have missing. As you accomplish each item, check the box. Those consultants who do the whole PATH are the most successful!

How do I place an order?
You can place individual orders or orders toward a certain party. 
If you're placing orders for a party click EVENTS and create the event first. Enter the hostess info.
Now you have a place for the orders to go. You may also be the hostess. Most consultants get random orders from time and time and collect them in a personal party monthly. Then they cash out the host benefits for themselves.
To place any order go to ORDERS and click NEW PARTY ORDER (or host benefits or party supply benefit etc...whatever you need)
This will walk you through entering the customers name, email, order and billing and shipping info.

How do I place a host benefit order?
Go to orders and click NEW HOST benefits order. Be sure you've entered your hostess as your customer first! If you haven't you'll be prompted to do so at this step. All orders that have processed will display in the host benefits order. Q's need to process FIRST before the host benefits for them is awarded. A hostess receives 10% of one time orders and 30% of Q orders toward her party benefits. When a hostess choose her free and half off product, give her a party price list. She needs to see the RETAIL price. The free and half off is based on the retail price of Thrive products.

Do I need email addresses to place orders?
Yup. Email addresses are unique. We have customers with similar or identical names but no one has the same email address. If a customer doesn't have an email, use your own. Maybe you have a 2nd account like a hotmail or gmail that isn't connected to your business email; that's a good option.
Email addresses are also very important because it helps you set up the hostess so she can invite friends to her party using the RSVP tool. But it also is how an order is tied from one party to another to give a double dip. Thrive does not sell email addresses. 

How do I find the right pricing for my customers?
All your customer will get the deepest discounted prices ALWAYS every time they call you and you take an order OR if they shop on your consultant party site.
The only difference in pricing is the Q-pon which is given to Q CLUB Customers only. 
The Price list you need is the quarterly home party price list under TOOLS- Resource Center

Can I add customers right now to my consultant website customer list?
Make sure you get their permission first before doing so. By adding them to your customer list you both will receive a temporary password for this customer to shop online on your consultant party site. Jot this down in case they lose it. It's part of this customers' account now. They can log in at www.thrivelife.com and track orders, newsletters and everything about their account in one place. They can also change this password. Most will as it is a bunch of random letters and numbers which is hard to remember. If a customer (or you) forget the password, have them go to www.thrivelife.com and click LOG IN and click "forgot password." A new one will be emailed to them. You won't get a copy of this one. 
Sometime the Consultant office doesn't let you add a customer's name and email and that is because they've shopped with another consultant in the past. If that is the case, the office will pop up a message to tell you so. This person will be moved to your customer list as soon as you've taken an order for them. 

To read about The Fast track go to www.thrivelife.com/fasttrack.
This is a program where you can earn over $600 in products and services from THRIVE in your first 100 days. 
On the left side of your Consultant office is the tracker. Get started right away!

How do I take payment?
The order form will guide you, but take CC #'s as often as possible. It is free for consultants to take credit card info. Credit cards are processed via a 3rd party source and are NOT stored on the Thrive LIFE server or even on the actual website. If at anytime a customer has an issue with their credit card, they should contact customer service, as consultants can't help with this.
If someone pays you with a check, then enter your own CC info in the billing section of the payment and the customer's shipping info. The BEST thing to do is take CC #'s so your own account isn't hard to keep track of. 
If you take a check and the total you give is off, you'll need to either collect more money or issue a refund to the customer.

How do I know what total to give my customers?
There is tax calculator in the Consultant Office to give you an estimate. We have food tax for food sold and sales tax for non food items. But this tax is based on the zip code the customer is in. So if the customer and you are the same zip code you know the food and sales tax already. 

Shipping is listed on the party price list, catalog, under FAQ's at www.thrivelife.com. 

$0-$80 is $7.99
$80.01-$140 is $10.99
$140.01-$200 is $14.99
$200.01- $400 is $20.99
$400.01- up is 6% of the total price

How do I set up my Consultant URL?
In the Consultant office, top right, go to your name and a drop down menu will appear. Choose My WEBSITE. Choose a name. No locations are permitted. Most people choose their own name. Enter the name in the box for approval. To give this URL to a customer type it this way-
myurlname.thrivelife.com.  So my URL name is "thrivecrew." So my address is: thrivecrew.thrivelife.com This will take anyone to my consultant party page to order, host, or sign up as a consultant. The URL is free your first 30 days of business and $9.99 after that. The social media too also availalbe to you for a few more dollars/month. The social media tool is used for posting in Pineterest, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have these type of account, social media tool will be helpful to you. Click TOOLS- Social Media and it will ask you to log in and activate/authorize posts in your behalf on these social media sites. Together these cost $15.99/month. Anyone who sees your link or social media posts can shop with you, so this is a valuable tool. And you can share your link anywhere- social media, business cards, at big events etc for customers to shop at their leisure.

Setting up a Q customer
Click ORDERS- New Q customer and it will walk you through it all. Choose HOMESTORE Q. The other option is a food storage option that is limited and will be phased out soon.
If a customer wants a Smart Start package either Chef Selection or Taste of THRIVE choose that specific option in the drop down menu of the Q set up. Be sure to keep up with customers so that on month 4 they are ready to have other items shipped after those first 3 boxes have arrived. Q customers can also set up their own Q's using your consultant party site. All Q customers get party pricing and monthly specials. If a Q customer is willing to set their budget and check out for $100 in orders #1, 2, and 3 they get to be part of the Q club for free; a $79.99 value. This is free for life once they start and they get party pricing, monthly specials, monthly Q-pon and Q points; which are very valuable! If Q customer need any help any time during their Q history, they can ask CS for help or call you if you're comfortable using the Q.

Are there tutorials for me?
There are lots of video tutorials on all of these tips. The PATH has extensive explantations. You can also click TOOLS- Resource center for more info. Or TOOLS- Video training for more. Click My Office video training to see how to enter orders, set up your URL, set up Q's etc. 

What do I get paid?
10% for one time orders
Q pay out: Each month all your new Q's are added together and you get paid 20-32% based on the total processed $ amount of all of them together.
5% residual commission for all Q orders starting on their 2nd month.
Commission for recruiting- each kit you sell is counted as a sale. And you also get paid based on the total processed $ amount of all of them together. Anywhere form 20-32%.
Your new team members also will have a Q with you and you get the Q pay out explained above the first month the Q processes. After month 1, you get 5% commission on $50 of your team member's Q. Anything they shop for over $50 goes to them in commission paid to them at 5%.
You don't need to grow a team to be paid for your one time and Q sales. You only need to have a personal Q of at least $50 process each month to receive your commission.
You get paid via direct deposit every 15th of the month.
If you grow a team and hit ranks, you will earn a lot more in commission. See more- www.thrivelife.com/whatsnew
The fastest way to grow your commission is to join the business with a few friends. A team helps a lot. And they should do the same. You can all work togethe

Jan 5, 2015

Commission Earnings Potential by Adjusting parties per month

Numbers based on average party sales for current consultants in the business.
And assuming that new consultants work 50% as much as you. 
This means these numbers could be higher or lower depending on your personal performance and that of your team. 

KEEP THIS PACE FOR 12 MONTHS for earnings of $1071/month.

KEEP T HIS PARTY PACE FOR 12 MONTHS but DOUBLE Q'S AND Consultant Sign Ups for $7403/month.